WTS iTunesU RSS Directory

This is an unofficial directory of RSS feeds for the iTunesU courses provided by Westminster Theological Seminary.

Feeds are in alphabetical order by course instructor. All the feeds with multiple speakers are at the bottom of the page.

To use, just copy and paste the feed into your favourite podcast app and start listening.

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Feeds with individual speakers

Speaker Course RSS  
Gregory Beale NT133: Biblical Theology RSS [iTunesU]
Stafford Carson Stafford Carson RSS [iTunesU]
Edmond Clowney Biblical Theology RSS [iTunesU]
Edmund Clowney Theolgy of Urban Mission RSS [iTunesU]
Brandon Crowe NT143: New Testament for Ministry RSS [iTunesU]
William Edgar Medical Ethics RSS [iTunesU]
Sinclair Ferguson The Westminster Standards RSS [iTunesU]
Richard B. Gaffin, Jr. By Faith and Not By Sight RSS [iTunesU]
Richard B. Gaffin, Jr. Doctrine of Salvation I RSS [iTunesU]
Richard B. Gaffin, Jr. Theology of Hebrews RSS [iTunesU]
David Garner Systematic Theology 101: Prolegomena RSS [iTunesU]
Tim Keller Doctrine of the Church RSS [iTunesU]
Martin Lloyd-Jones Martyn Lloyd-Jones Collection RSS [iTunesU]
K. Scott Oliphint Apologetics 101 RSS [iTunesU]
K. Scott Oliphint Doctrine of God RSS [iTunesU]
Vern Poythress NT123: Biblical Hermeneutics, Old and New Testament RSS [iTunesU]
Vern Poythress Parables and Miracles RSS [iTunesU]
Moises Silva Galatians RSS [iTunesU]
Moises Silva Introduction to New Testament RSS [iTunesU]
Tedd Tripp Shepherding a Child’s Heart RSS [iTunesU]
Carl Trueman Medieval Church RSS [iTunesU]
Carl Trueman The Reformation RSS [iTunesU]
Cornelius Van Til Christ and Human Thought RSS [iTunesU]
Cornelius Van Til History and Nature of Apologetics RSS [iTunesU]

Feeds with various speakers

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