WTS iTunesU RSS Directory

25 Oct 2014

Westminster Theological Seminary are continuing to release full courses for free, which is a very helpful and generous resource for the church. Unfortunately, they are currently only released onto iTunesU, so if you are not a iTunes user it can be rather difficult to use the files. You have to download them one by one, transfer them to whatever device you want to listen on and then try and remember/mark your progress. Very rarely do I have time to hear a whole lecture at a time, so this can be tricky!

Inspired by this page of RSS feeds provided by RTS, I have tried to develop an equivalent for the WTS courses.

Why RSS feeds? They solve all the problems above: we are no longer locked into a single platform and any podcast manager can easily track your progress through courses and lectures. To that end, I used the script mentioned earlier “RSS feeds from iTunesU” (with a small modification to embed an image for each feed) to generate an RSS feed for each of the full courses.

All these feeds are available here (and will be updated when new courses are released).

I really hope this will prove useful. However, if you are from WTS and would prefer this to be taken down, please do just get in touch. :-)