Integrating Elvanto with ProPresenter

20 Aug 2017

Ever wanted to pull your Elvanto services into ProPresenter? Now you can.

This is alpha quality software with no guarantees - you should back up all your ProPresenter data before starting.

This has only been tested with ProPresenter 6 - it will probably not work with 5


Setup in Elvanto

The first thing you need to do is to register an application to access the Elvanto API. This will let us grab the services and songs from Elvanto. Follow the “Register an Application” instructions here. You need to set the redirect url to http://localhost:11843.

You need to make note of the “CLIENT ID” - you will need it later.

Download and Install

First Run

Do not run this tool when ProPresenter is open - it will not work and may corrupt your data.

  • Open the installation folder (by default C:\Program Files (x86)\monty5811\elv2prop)
  • Run the elv2prop.exe file
  • In a few seconds a browser window will open
  • You will be asked for the Client ID from above
  • Best guesses for the location of your ProPresenter data will be made, please check these are correct
  • Save the configuration
  • Login to Elvanto when prompted (note, your user account must have access to services on Elvanto)
  • Choose the service you want to sync
  • Add any additional files from ProPresenter to the playlist
  • Click save
  • Close the browser window and the elv2prop window (it should be a small, black, command window)
  • Open ProPresenter to view your new playlist

The Future

This is very rough and ready right now, but the plan is to knock off the rough edges and make the whole process much slicker and easier, including:

  • Detect if ProPresenter is running already
  • “Pinned” items so they are are always added to playlists by default (e.g. notices you always want added)
  • Nicer appearance
  • Automatically sync in the background
  • Launch ProPresenter when done

If you try this and have any feedback, please let me know. Just open an issue at

Please report any bugs/issues/problems and let me know if you have any feature requests.